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29 juin 2009

Obama: a Dharma teacher - par le vénérable Thich Nhat Hanh

L'élection d'Obama à la tête du plus puissant pays du monde est un espoir de changement, encore faut il qu'il puisse surmonter les oppositions auxquelles il aura à faire face, oppositions et mêmes risques , rappelez vous JF KENNEDY

lors de la retraite francophone de novembre 2008, Thay avait le 5 novembre avant un enseignement salué le changement intrevenu la nuit même aux Etats unis... (tout en rendant hommage à son adversaire qui l'avait aidé dans ses démarches pour revenir au vietnam)
lors de la retraite de Paques il avait appelé toutes ses sanghas, à manifester leur soutien à la communaute Martin Luther King dont est issu Obama Voici le dernier messsage de Thay lors de la retraite de 21 jours, "Bouddhisme et Ethique" juste après le discour au Caire du président Obama appelant à l'abandonn des colonies israeliennes en Palestine (en Anglais non encore traduit)

Obama: a Dharma teacher - Thich Nhat Hanh
Partial transcript of the June 9, 2009 dharma talk at Plum Village. Thich
Nhat Hanh said:

"Yesterday I read the speech President Obama made in Cairo University on the
fourth of June. I recommend it to all of you to read. He speaks like a
dharma teacher. Obama wants to do beginning anew with Islam. America and
Islam are not enemies. America does not exclude Islam and Islam should not
exclude America. Something like we inter-are (audience laughter).

He recognized all the good things that Islam has offered to the heritage and
culture of humankind. He is one of the few politicians that knows how to use
loving speech with humility. His speech alone can remove a lot of suffering
already because he was able to use loving speech and he was able to be
humble. He was able to show them the nature of interbeing, though he does
not use the word.

Obama. Dharma teacher. Support him (audience laughter).

Because if you don't, and then surrounded by military advisors and political
advisors, he may have to make compromise and cannot continue. It is very
important. Because Obama is made of non-Obama elements and you are the
non-Obama elements. You should continue to support him.

Remember the day of inauguration, the press said the whole nation of America
is behind the president. That's true. Because people did not want the
situation to continue. People want change. And the sangha was very strong.
But how to keep that? To preserve that? How to keep the sangha strong?
Because this is our opportunity. During your daily life you should be able
to do something in order to strengthen the sangha behind him and around him.
It is you who have voted for him. Even if you are not American, you voted
for him, right? (audience laughter)

His speech is very very clear that wrong views are there and we have to help
remove the wrong views. And his speech was aiming at helping to remove a lot
of wrong views. He's doing that for us. And we have to do that on another
front. In the family, in school, in society. And our practice is to remove
fanaticism. Narrowness. Wrong views. Attachment to views. That is the first
and the second precepts of the Order of Interbeing.

He said in his speech that America does not want to stay forever in
Afghanistan. He made it clear and he was using the kind of speech that we
can term as right speech. With humility. A tone of reconciliation. It
recognized the values of Islam. He said that Islam and Muslim people are one
part of the American nation and they have contributed a lot to the
prosperity of the American nation. He treasured the presence of Islamic
people in America. He said I bring you greetings from the Islamic community
in America."

The text of Obama's speech can be found online at:
http://www.whitehouse.gov/the_ press_office/Remarks-by-the-President-at-Cairo-University-6-04-09/

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